My NowForum Experience – by Thomas Weeks

Introduction –

I am writing this article to share with my network my first NowForum experience and what I had learned as well as trying to get some feedback on how you all felt it compared to other years and what you learnt about the platform too.

So, it was my first NowForum, and wow I was not expecting that!


I was truly blown away from start to finish. The Key Note really got my attention. I spent most of my day in the IT Track trying to learn more about the platform and the features that it holds. It was great to hear about the great journey Home Office is embarking upon with the ServiceNow implementation and how it is helping them become more efficient, also I never quite realised how much the Home Office did so that was a learning curve in itself!

With the loud dance music, flashing lights and exceptional speakers to start the day off I was engrossed from start to finish. The energy in the whole building was brilliant, full of excitement and full of happy customers, potential customers, partners and ServiceNow professionals which gave the day that bit more of a buzz. I had the opportunity to meet some great professionals and experts and talk more about what they do which was also a brilliant experience.

So the Key Note started with what ServiceNow is all about, how they are trying to improve the overall customer experience from the platform and what customers have requested.

Customers wanted the implementation process to be easier, shorter and wanted more pre-configured applications and a more consumer like user experience which ServiceNow are trying to achieve with the Kingston and London releases.

ServiceNow’s solution to this is to create more configured applications that will require less customisation and as a result, will speed up the implementation process as well as improving the user experience.

The big talking point was how they are going to use Machine Learning and Artificial intelligence to help predict future instances before they have even arisen, which let’s be honest is really cool!

They are also looking to use Machine Learning to be able to more accurately predict the severity of the issue which as I understand they are already doing with current instances by using the CMDB to outline what CI’s will be affected by each incident.

They are also introducing a new feature where you can compare your KPI’s to others in your industry so you can set realistic benchmarks and aim to achieve better KPI’s than your competitors but I do understand sharing this information is on a strictly opt-in basis. With this new feature, you are also able to set personal KPI goals and the platform will also predict how likely you are to achieve them as well as predict what your KPI would be in a certain time frame if you carry on performing the way you or your team have.

There was an insight to how the SAM application worked, what it looked like and what it can do. I like how it colour coded and outlined how often software is being used and what isn’t as well as outlining what should be uninstalled. With a simple right click and uninstall the software would be removed and you would no longer need to pay the license meaning you save money and time.

So, what did I learn from this day?

My NowForum Experience

I gained more of an insight into how ServiceNow can be used right across an organisations spectrum and how it delivers a better user and customer experience. It also never occurred to me just how much it could improve a business’s customer experience as I always believed the platform only saved money, improved internal business functions, improved security and created a better user experience.

I now have more knowledge on what it looks like to use ServiceNow and having spoken to a delivery manager there who discussed how the UI can be adjusted to how you want it to look rather than having just the 1 design you can design ServiceNow around your businesses marketing/visuals.

Of course, I now have an insight into what will be coming with the Kingston and London releases and how they will be using Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to improve the platform and the level of Automation.

I now understand how the ServiceNow platform can improve the onboarding of new employees by speeding up the process with HR, Procurement, IT by making communication more effective and the process is made quicker with alerts and chat boxes.

I always wondered and never read too much into how ServiceNow could improve cybersecurity in organisations but all seems much clearer now. By using 1 platform to operate most of your business functions it is quicker to run checks and identify security breaches. They are also improving the way passwords are stored so not even government authorities will be able to gain access to passwords that you use for the system.

How does this improve the service I provide?

I believe attending the NowForum and gaining more knowledge of the ServiceNow platform and the future features to come will help improve the service I provide to both candidates and clients. Having this knowledge will enable me to speak more in depth about what candidates have implemented and would enable me to outline how relevant their experience is to you.

I also believe this demonstrates my commitment to learning more and broadening my network of ServiceNow professionals.

What did you learn?

There was a lot more discussed at the NowForum and many tracks that I was unable to attend so it would be great if all of you who attended any of the NowForum could share your experience and what you learned with me.

Look forward to hearing from you all and thank you for reading.

Tom Weeks

Momentum Consultancy Group